FFA has an open door policy for emails from players.

That being said, we encourage players to first contact their team Captains regarding any disputes or problems in games.

The Captain should assess the situation, and in some cases, may be able to resolve the issue team-to-team between Captains.

They might also file a formal complaint with Admin on their team player's behalf.

If the above does not meet the player's satisfaction, or if the complaint is concerning a serious offense, send it directly to Admin at

Prior to making a decision, we will invite all involved players and their captains to respond with opinions.

It is helpful if timestamps are shown in chat, and enter/exits. Don't wait until after there is a problem to set this up in chat options, or it will not appear when needed.

Please include as much information as possible, to enable us to have a clear and accurate picture of the issue.

Capture the chatlog of the full game, lobby, pm, or wherever the problem happened. In some cases, a screenshot may be needed for absolute proof.

If help is needed in doing this, please ask your Captain or any Admin.

The Admin team will always give their prompt attention and best solutions possible to any complaint that is received.

Unreported matches, misreports (if not handled in the room), and any other concerns should also be emailed to Admin at

Thank you,

FFA Admin Team