Starting a TEAM in FFA

We are a private league and all new teams must be pre-approved by admin.

New team captains must be penalty free for 60 days prior to starting a new team in FFA (boxable offenses).

All new teams must have a minimum of 5 players and one Pal before they are considered an active team in FFA.

To Start a new team please follow these steps:

  • Email FFA with your intention to start a new team.
    State your new team's proposed name and your FFA nic (this must be a registered nic in FFA). Team names may not include, reference,
    hint or likewise any religious preference, political preference or anything deemed by the admin team as inappropriate.

  • Once the email is sent you will be contacted within 48 hours for a new team interview.

  • After the new team interview, the admin team will review the interview and if acceptable you will be sent a new team contract. (this process could take up to 48 hours but normally is sooner)

  • Once you have signed the contract, you may register your team in FFA.

  • You may begin playing as a team in FFA after you have all 5 players and your pal registered and on your team.

  • You have 7 days to start your team. Failure to have 5 players on your team within 7 days will result in your team being removed from the league.

  • New teams are under a 90 day probation period.