The following rules are specific to FFA,
and may vary from Cases and MyLeague Rules.

Revised 1/20/2024



Our vision is to maintain a friendly, family oriented team and singles spades league,
where sportsmanship is the top priority.

A ladder that recognizes the friendly yet competitive nature of a spades ladder,
and encourages that friendly competitiveness.

A league where repeated troublemakers or actions not conducive to our
friendly atmosphere will be dealt with effectively.

By joining FFA, you have chosen to uphold the ideals that make this league unique.

Keep it clean, keep it fun, keep it fair, and keep it friendly.


FFA is a Team Alt / Reg Spades ladder, playing in Safe Harbor Games,
offering a variety of Team and Tournament play.

Maximum Team size is 60, including Pal.

Minimum team size is 5 plus Pal (except for grandfathered teams).

Teams will purge from the ladder after 60 days of no games played.

Players will purge from the ladder after 60 days of no games played unless they are
on a Team or hold a Cases membership.

Team Streaks are removed after 3 days of inactivity.


To join FFA, visit and click on the Free Sign-Up.

The minimum age requirement to play in FFA is 16 years of age.

Your e-mail address must be valid and cannot be the same as any other member of FFA.

Your Ladder Name must match your SHG Name to include spaces, underscores and other keyboard characters.

An exception to this rule is CAPS or non-caps.

A TC exception to this rule is : A TC Host will be allowed to play in their hosting nic while registered in the TC in their playing nic, when necessary.

If your Ladder name is offensive to other users or contains profanity you will be asked to change it,
or your account will be removed.

It is illegal for one person to have multiple accounts or be on multiple teams.

Visitors are welcome to play in FFA as guest Pals in lobby games.
Players who join FFA may play as Pals in our Tournaments before joining a team.
Any FFA member can sub in a TC.

Players who are not on a team may not participate in the monthly Tournament of Champions.
Rotating members off and on the available players list to enable unqualified people to play in the TOC is not allowed.

To enjoy the full benefits of FFA, we suggest that players ultimately join one of our teams.


If you are a member in the same household or workplace where you play,
you must notify your captain and Admin at

Please submit ladder nics and team names of all involved.

Members of the same household may not play at the same table unless assigned to opp each other in a tourney.

Same household players may only kibitz each other at a game table.

Changes of nics of same household individuals need to be reported to Admin.

Temporary moves or travel from the household do not change the same household status.

Same Household partnering may result in penalties or possible removal from the league.


FFA is a private league and all new teams must be pre-approved by admin.

New team captains must be penalty free for 60 days prior to starting a new team in FFA (box-able offenses).

All new teams must have a minimum of 5 players and one pal before they are considered an active team in FFA.

Please follow these steps to start a new team:
Email FFA with your intention to start a new team.

State your new teams proposed name and your FFA nic (this must be a registered nic in FFA).

Team names may not include, reference, hint or likewise any religious preference, political preference or
anything deemed by the admin team as inappropriate.

Once the email is sent you will be contacted within 48 hours for a new team interview.

After a new team interview, the admin team will review the interview and if acceptable you will be sent a new team contract.

Once you have signed (returned) the contract, you may register your team in FFA.

You may begin playing as a team in FFA after you have all 5 players and your pal registered and on your team.

You have 7 days to start your team.

Failure to have 5 players on your team within 7 days will result in your team being removed from the league.

New teams are under a 90 day probation period.



The Number 1 Rule in our room is to have fun!

The definition of fun is enjoying a game of spades with friends in a relaxing,
peaceful and respectful atmosphere!

You may not talk about subjects relating to illegal drugs or its usage in the lobby.
Conversations must avoid outright profanity and abbreviations standing for outright profanity.

Alternate spelling or partial masking of inappropriate language may be reprimanded in
the same manner as the actual use of such words, depending on the context or intent,
such as an attack or insult on a player, or extreme in some way.

Language which talks about or insinuates sexual acts or preference will not be allowed in FFA.
Racial, ethnic, political or religious slurs/debates will not be allowed in FFA.

FFA is an English-speaking league. Out of respect to all players, please refrain from
extensive conversations in other languages in the lobby.
At game tables, other than greetings, English only should be spoken.

Be respectful to all at your table. Although the table conversation is private,
all 4 players must agree to the tone and content of the conversation.

Please refrain from inappropriate talk or verbal sparring in the lobby, at the game tables, or in pm's.

It is every member's responsibility to see that FFA remains a pleasant and fun place for all to enjoy.
You may not bait, insult, or harass a player, admin or TD.

User names should follow the COC.
This is a family league so please remember that in your conversations!!


DO NOT at any time harass, enflame, or attack any player on this league or
any other league in the lobby, pm's, or at the tables!

This will not only get you booted from the lobby but will also put you at risk for suspension from the league!

We are here to have fun and it is NOT fun to see someone being attacked.

If this happens please ask for an administrator and let them handle the situation.

Do not interfere as this might get you caught up in it as well.


Recruiting by any player or team from another team within this league or
any other league rooms, will not be tolerated.

Anyone found guilty of this will be penalized with a possibility of being banned for a
specific term or, depending on severity, permanently.



Tables 1 and 2 are reserved for the use of TC Hosts and Pal Changers from 8 a.m. EST until after
the start of the final TC of the night.
Table 75 is reserved for TC Hosts for the 9:45 p.m. and 12:30 a.m. TC's.
No games are allowed at these tables during these times.

When advertising in the lobby, game format, # hands , ndn or all bids must be stated.
Example: FFA @ 3, 8h Frizz NDN

Game addies which do not specify a format (such as "any alt" or "any game") are permitted, but other addies
run at the same time which DO specify a game will not be considered over-addies.

Etiquette and good manners dictates that you do not advertise in the lobby for a specific game
format while someone else is also advertising for the same exact format.
If you do not wish to play against those already advertising,
please wait until they get a game before starting to advertise for your game.

FFA does not force any teams or individuals to play together,
so long as all 4 players have not thumbed up.
If the choice is made to decline a game, there should
be no calling out to/about the involved teams or players in the lobby,
or confronting those individuals by pm about avoidance.
Respect their wishes and play with someone else.

Game starts once all four people are seated, thumbs up and table opens.

Before game starts one player from each team must state team name such as:TN xxx and
if pal is being used, TN xxx with yyy as my pal.

Game, hands, nbn/all bids should be posted on game table before bidding.

If the format is set wrong, it will be a reseat to the same seats up until the end of Hand 1.
If Hand 2 has been dealt, the game will continue as set unless it will not allow the game format to be played correctly.

Set hands to number stated in game addy (no limit for full regular).
If number of hands is set higher, game continues as set and game will end at addied number of hands.
If hands are set to lower than the required number of hands it will be a reseat to same seats
up until the end of Hand 1.
If Hand 2 has been dealt, the game continues as set until table ends the game.
Players remain in same seats, type score/bags in chat, press start and
manual score the remaining hands as per addy.

Scoring is preset for all FFA games, and should not be changed.
Winning score is +500 and Losing score is -300. Bag count/penalty is 10 for -100.
Exception: Changing presets is permitted when specific game settings are different.

The game must be completed unless one team agrees to discontinue playing, resign and report loss.

If your SCORE IS TIED at the end of the game, regardless of the number of bags,
play three more hands or until game is over, whichever comes first, without reseating.
NOTE: Tables are set to "IF TIE + 3". Do not change this setting.


One player from each team MUST stay at the table until the report is made.
It would be favorable if all four players would stay but if you MUST leave
then please post it at the table that you need to leave.

If a player is not on the team roster before the end of the game being played,
or if a player is not a member of FFA (a guest), then the PAL will be used when posting the loss or win.


The #1 team must play #2 at least once within 24 hours.
Failure to do so will cause #1 to be rung 5 spaces to #6 on the ladder.

Let's keep the top ranks active and fair.
If you are a top ranked team, give all teams a shot, not only those ranked immediately below or above you.
Teams found to be playing only top teams will be dropped to the bottom of the ladder for "rank hounding".


In non-TC games, Misplays/Misbids are allowed on the FIRST hand only. Reseat to same seats.

In TC games, Misbids/Misplays during any round in TC is considered a forfeit and loss of game.
At no time will a reseat be allowed during a TC for Misbids or Misplays.

In either instance, if there is a misplay/misbid, game play should stop IMMEDIATELY
to ensure the correct call can be made.

If there is a disagreement, please call Admin to the table.


Table Talk (TT) is anything said before the current hand and/or game is over
that may affect the outcome of the hand/game and/or anything said
that may reveal your hand to your partner prior to what is obvious to all players.

Accidental or not, anything said by you about the cards in play can possibly be perceived as TT or even cheating.

If TT is proven, it will be a disqualification.
This also includes but is not limited to games when forced nils are in the game format.

One example would be (but is not limited to) -- if format is suicide,
you cannot say anything that would indicate that you
don't have a nil hand/or have the ace of spades.

The person calling TT needs to stop playing immediately and call an ADMIN when it happens,
(not wait until the hand has been played out)
state what the TT is and the number of cards remaining in the current hand.

The admin called will assess the TT situation.
Admin may or may not ask that the game continue after all
facts are gathered so a determination can be made at a later time.

IF TT is determined to be the correct call, all stats will be adjusted if needed at that time.


Watchers may NOT go to a table where a game is current and carry on a lengthy conversation.

Please keep conversation to a minimum such as: GJ, NT, GL, etc.
Lengthy conversations are very distracting and the players are there to be playing the game they are in.

Cards are to remain closed during league games EXCEPT: during nonreportable games,
training games for new players, or when all four players at the table agree to open.
Saying "no" to open cards is denying permission for the kibitzer to view cards by Safe Harbor game settings,
and includes the use of any outside sharing or viewing programs or devices.

Cards can not be opened during Tournament play.


Please be considerate of the others in your game with and keep BRB's to a minimum.

Please ask for HLC when possible, and try and take all BRB's at the end of the hand.

A sub is required if BRB will be over 5 minutes.
Tag-teaming with a sub is not allowed.

Always play in a timely manner.

Do not play any other games or multi-task (work, email, chat, etc.) at the same time you are playing a ladders game.

Playing in other SHG games when playing in FFA is not allowed.


Please post the time of boot on the table.
The booted player has 5 minutes to return or for their partner (teammate or pal) to find a sub or it is a forfeit.

A pal has the choice to continue the game with a sub or forfeit at the 5 minute mark.

The booted player can return at the end of any hand.
Admin will post a loss for the booted player if the partner is a pal.


Please refrain from advertising any commercial or personal business ventures, fundraising or placing links to internet sites in the lobby, other than FFA/SHG/Radio.


MASS BOOTS (FULL ROOM BOOT) = When all 4 players are removed from room and NO ONE
has the opportunity to get scores, bags, and hands played, games are VOID.


Blocking of FFA members while in the FFA room is not permitted.


Any frivolous and unfounded accusations or insinuations that a player is a cheater, that cannot be supported
by proof, may result in up to a 5 day box, left to admin discretion.

Repeated offenses will result in escalated penalties.


It is cheating if at ANY TIME during the game you are proven to be
communicating (or attempting to communicate) with your partner about game strategy or telling
your partner how to play while the game is in progress.

It is cheating if you are proven to be manipulating the ladder system.
This includes, but is not limited to, playing with two different names at the same time or
partnering someone who has a same household account, with the intention to gain advantage in the game.

It is cheating if you are proven to be using any type of outside program that would give you an unfair advantage
over the other players. This includes, but is not limited to, Card Counters.

It is cheating if you are watching a game and are "coaching" players on the side on how to play during the game.

PROVEN cheaters will be PERMANENTLY BANNED from FFA.
There will be no second chances.

An accusation without proof is NOT acceptable.
Proof includes, but is not limited to, a screen shot of any messaging system used to communicate or
a copy of the table chat showing cards or instructions typed into the chat, or similar proof of cheating.

IMPORTANT: If you have proof that someone is cheating, STOP PLAYING. CALL FOR AN ADMIN
TO YOUR TABLE and let them handle it from there.

IMMEDIATELY take a screen shot of your proof, the table, and log chat.
DO NOT CONTINUE the game unless Admin asks you to do so.

If no Admin are available, BOTH TEAMS should copy the game chat and immediately send the chat
and screen shots to their Team Captains and to Admin at

Teams/Players turning in their own players/partners for cheating will not be penalized.


There are exceptions to EVERY rule.

Without exceptions there would be a need for MORE rules.

Moreover not all rules are "cut and dried", they need some interpretation.

In other words, if it is not written here or in the penalty guidelines, it does NOT mean it is allowed.
It does NOT mean you will not be penalized/boxed/rung/banned just because it is not written.
What it means is that if it "doesn't feel right to you," you probably should not do it.


FFA has added a privacy statement for your information, as of May 15, 2018.

FFA utilizes the services of Safe Harbor Games for the room in which we play.

FFA is a MyLeague, which is managed by the FFA Administration Team. MyLeagues are powered by Case's Ladder.

Our Admin Team is under contract with FFA, which states that we will not
share personal information about players in FFA.

FFA does not have any access to payment methods made by players to Cases, such as premium memberships.

FFA's website, is a redirect for the purpose of storing our main page designs
and informational document links. This site does not collect cookies or private information.
Any links to player functions (registrations, user editor, captain tools, game reports, etc.) are
linked directly to Cases Ladder.

If any player prefers to not use the page, they may opt to use the page provided by MyLeague, which is .

Players may Opt Out of FFA Newsletters and Tourney Bux Summaries upon registration or once they
are registered, if they choose to no longer receive these automatic emails, they can either go
to User Editor and change their preferences, or they can contact
Admin at and request to opt out.

It is necessary for players to be contacted by their team captains in FFA, and there is not an opt-out for these communications. Any issues in regard to unwanted messages should be addressed with your specific team captain.

FFA Administration and Tournament Directors do not use chat broadcasting in Safe Harbor Games
to our membership list.

FFA utilizes CBox to allow a chat window on our main page, for general announcements and events promotion.

Cases Ladder privacy statement is:

Safe Harbor Games privacy statement is:

CBox privacy statement is: /